Our CAM/CAD service at a glance

We provide you with a complete package of services. 

Our competent and experienced employees will support you in choosing the right software program. The focus is on personal consultation, as well as the joint development and implementation of the CAD/CAM software tailored to your needs.

Individual service

The CAD/CAM technology services we offer are tailored to the individual requirements of your company and accompany the complete integration.

All around care

From the initial assessment to the final implementation, we provide you with comprehensive support and also look after you afterwards with our personal contacts and regular training sessions.

Efficient use of resources

Through the targeted application
technology, unnecessary waste of resources can be avoided
and production processes can be optimized.


The service is important for you if you intend to make your manufacturing processes more efficient and to carry out digitization and automation. The first step often involves the integration of CAM and ERP systems. In addition, consulting is relevant for you if there are existing logistical challenges such as longer downtimes of production machines and undesirable results in conventional production processes.

Installation service

This service is important for you if a software system from our portfolio is already integrated in your company. We offer comprehensive installation support that is individually tailored to your company's requirements. This ensures that the implementation process runs smoothly and that you can quickly benefit from the advantages of our systems.

CAM programming

The need for our programming services arises when a customer, especially a manufacturing service provider, receives external data for a new part to be manufactured and does not have sufficiently qualified employees to program this data.

Hardware configuration/optimization

The need for hardware optimization arises when it is determined in the course of consulting, new purchases, updates, etc. that the existing hardware does not offer the desired performance. If you are the owner of one of our software systems, we can provide this service and thus enable you to optimize your resources.

First-level support

The service is important for you if a software system from our portfolio is already integrated in your company. First-level support is provided if internal problems occur when operating the CAM software or the postprocessor, which are covered by the service contract.

Post-processor development

The post-processors enable the CNC programs created by the CAM software to be converted into a format that can be interpreted and implemented by a specific CNC machine. We offer a comprehensive service for the implementation of post-processors.

Training courses

These training courses offer the opportunity to train your teams in the optimal use of the software and ensure that your internal know-how is always up to date. Our range of training courses includes various formats to meet the different needs of our customers:


We offer comprehensive support for the implementation and correct use of the products in our portfolio. To ensure efficient use, our experts will personally assist you in finding the right product for you. Here you can get an overview of our portfolio.

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