The postprocessors enable the CNC programs created by the CAM software to be converted into a format that can be interpreted and implemented by a specific CNC machine. Each CNC machine requires an individual postprocessor to take its specific characteristics and control signals into account. The new generation of postprocessors is characterized by being system-independent and can be expanded as required.

Postprocessors - areas of application

The application areas of post-processors extend across various manufacturing technologies and play a crucial role in translating digital designs into physical production.

Increased efficiency

Customized post-processors improve the efficiency of CNC machining by optimally adapting the generated CNC programs to the specific requirements of the machines.

Error minimization

The use of adapted post-processors helps to minimize errors during CNC machining. They ensure that the generated programs are perfectly tailored to the individual control signals and characteristics of the machines.

Machine flexibility

The adaptability of post-processors allows companies to be more flexible, as they can easily adapt their CNC programs to different types of machines without compromising efficiency and precision.

Our service

We offer a comprehensive service to ensure smooth integration. Our experts ensure that the post-processors are fully implemented and that you can realize the benefits of the machining solution accordingly. Training is also provided for the optimal operation of the individual postprocessors.

All advantages at a glance

The postprocessor can be used independently and decentrally from the CAM system used.

All post-processor options are offered in an input mask and can be changed if necessary. The additional information is not entered sequentially, which simplifies error corrections.

Postprocessor input information specified by the user is saved and is available again when the postprocessor is run again. New runs always start with the settings from the last run.

The FiveAxis post-processor offers a significantly faster translation speed. Before the actual conversion, it analyses the entire APT file, which enables a smooth response to previous or subsequent events in the NC program.

The FiveAxis post-processor enables the redirection of output to different files, the creation of program structures with main and sub-programs, targeted exclusion of machining operations, a freely definable final action after each run, parameterization of tool and feed calls as well as a search & replace functionality during the post-processor run. Demo use without a valid license is also possible.

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