Innovative solutions for CAD / CAM technology

The 3D Concepts GmbH is an innovative solution provider around the CAD / CAM Technology -focused on the product development and manufacturing area. Well-known companies from the fields of tool and mold making, mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace Engineering trust to the power of our solutions together with the practical skills and years of experience. We provide consulting, sales, training, consulting and support from a single source. So it is possible for us to sustainably increase and secure your economic success.


With Edgecam we presents you the new stage of development. Now secure your investment in Edgecam: Solid and feature-based CAM (2.5D, 3D, 4/5 axes Mill / turn and MTM), stock tracking, machine simulation, intelligent machining strategies, company-specific Adaptation.

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2- to 5- Axis milling

Surfcam Traditional is a powerful 3D CAM product that achieved a balance between functionality and ease of use. With its incomparable experience Surfcam Traditional can help you to increase profit and productivity

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Sheet working

Radan offers an all-in one solution with a unique combination of punching, forming, bending, design and production management applications for the sheet metal processing - automation of data flow of design and the preparation to the production.

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The new production solution

Surfcam is the modern, high-performance CAD system under Windows. With ist aid, complex parts are designed and programmed fast and reliable. These are powerful modules for the processes of turning, EDM, laser cutting and milling up to 5-axis simultaneous processing.

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CAD- Solid Modeler

Surfcam Part Modeler is a CAD solid modeler specifically for the production. Fast, simple construction / design and modification of solid models, assembly design and creation of production drawings are part of this module.

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Product development

The 3D Concepts GmbH recommends SolidWorks for your product development. With our manufacturing solution Surfcam, the special construction solutions of forms of and the possibilities of cross-company data exchange, the CAD solution completes our product portfolio and offers all aspects of modern product development and construction.

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TRUEMill is a patented 2 & 3 axis toolpath that controls the tool´s Engagement with the material to deliver faster and deeper cutting to achieve the highest material removal rates - in all materials geometries. With TRUEMill you increase your efficiency by shortening the cycle times by two to four times.

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Efficient communication

In today's product development and manufacturing is the exchange of data between companies an important component. Due to the large number of installed and different CAD / CAM systems there is no single exchange format that allows easy collaboration between the companies. Surfcam WorkXplore is the ideal tool for direct display and analysis of 3D CAD files without the original CAD application is needed. The intuitive, easy-to-use user interface allows beginners and experienced users to explore any type of 2D / 3D CAD files.

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We provide training in our CAD / CAM specialists

Rely on our long-standing and practice-oriented CAD / CAM expertise, which is taught in our training. We are happy to share our knowledge on to you, so that you will learn step by step the necessary knowledge of our software.

Visit for example, the one-day CAD / CAM basic training on the software Edgecam. From the user interface over the data import, 2D geometry creation on the way to deal with layers and filters you will acquire an extensive knowledge base. Interested?

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