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EdgeCAM is the modern, powerful CAD/CAM system under Windows, with the help of which the most complex parts can be designed and programmed quickly and reliably. As the leading CAM system in the industry, EdgeCAM specializes in the programming of CNC parts. It offers powerful modules for various types of machining such as turning, turning/milling, wire EDM and milling, including simultaneous 5-axis machining. The intuitive CAD software enables targeted and comprehensive processing of native CAD data. EdgeCAM enables the milling of 2D wireframe and solid data on a variety of machine configurations. The bandwidth ranges from 2 ½D to complex 3D and 5-axis simultaneous machining.

EdgeCAM - Areas of application

For many branches of industry, the use of CAM software is already a must, to be able to manufacture high-quality parts. Typical industries are


EdgeCAM is easy to learn thanks to its simple user interface and offers all the settings that advanced users need. The controls are intuitive.


EdgeCAM is the market-leading CAM system. Comprehensive applications in the areas of milling, turning, turn-milling and wire EDM are provided.


EdgeCAM provides modular, flexible solutions that build on each other. The innovative machining strategy enables optimum tool guidance.

Our service

We offer a comprehensive service to ensure smooth integration. Our experts ensure that EdgeCAM is fully implemented and that you can realize the benefits of the CAM/CAD software accordingly. If you have already integrated the CAM solution, our regular training courses allow you to refresh your know-how and keep up to date with the latest developments.

All advantages at a glance

EdgeCAM has functions aimed at increasing production output. This significantly reduces the time from design to the production process.

By avoiding empty cuts, EdgeCAM minimizes waste of time and material, thus increasing production efficiency.

The software automatically creates machining strategies with optimal tool paths. This ensures efficient guidance of the tools through the workpiece, resulting in precise and time-saving machining.

The software aims to reduce machining times by creating optimal strategies for tool guidance. This leads to faster production overall, which in turn has a positive effect on overall productivity.

Services at a glance

As the leading CAM software in the industry, EdgeCAM offers a wide range of options for CNC programming. You can get a complete overview of the CAM software's performance spectrum here:

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