CAM training

Ongoing knowledge transfer through targeted CAM training

To take advantage of our training courses, the customer must be the owner of a software system from our portfolio. These training courses offer the opportunity to train your teams in the optimal use of the software and to ensure that your internal know-how is always up to date. Through practical training sessions, we want to ensure that you can exploit the full potential of our software solutions and integrate them efficiently into your production processes.

Our range of training courses includes various formats to meet the different needs of our customers:

Application of the training offer

The need for our training courses usually arises when customers purchase newly acquired software directly from us, as stated in the purchase contract. We also offer training courses when major software updates are relevant or in the case of internal knowledge transfer due to staff changes. Refreshing knowledge that is not included in the service contract (SVP) is also an occasion for training.

Product reference of the service

Our training courses cover the following products

Specific training for post-processors (PPs) will also be included in the future. There is also a direct link to our *First Level Support service, as the entitlement to support is directly linked to the training of our employees.

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