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Changing market requirements demand adaptation to increasingly complex workpieces, shorter throughput times and the flexible implementation of short-term changes. SurfCAM, with its innovative functions and manufacturing strategies, offers the possibility of using these challenges as opportunities for corporate success.

SurfCAM - Use cases

For many branches of industry, the use of CAM software is already a must in order to be able to manufacture high-quality parts. Typical use cases are

Depending on the required application, execution then takes place in a suitable suitable production environment. A machine-specific postprocessor is indispensable for this. postprocessor that generates the machine commands from the geometric operations. generated from the geometric operations.


SurfCAM is specifically tailored to the requirements of production. It supports you in implementing consistent processes, optimizing workflows and reducing machine runtimes. Integrated automatisms minimize the programming effort. The option of structuring jobs using a job list ensures clarity and helps to minimize errors.


SurfCAM offers a very wide range of available machining strategies and optimization functions. They make it possible to implement requirements down to the smallest detail in order to produce parts of exceptionally high quality. The CAM system has a wide range of options for optimizing machining individually and adapted to the machinery.


SurfCAM is a modular system. All strategies are available in one user interface. If you opt for the 2D or 3D module today, you can easily add the 5-axis strategies or the mill-turn module tomorrow. The operating philosophy always remains the same. This facilitates familiarization, daily use and ensures flexibility. This allows you to react very quickly to new requirements.

Our service

We offer a comprehensive service to ensure smooth integration. Our experts ensure that SurfCAM is fully implemented and that you can realize the benefits of the CAD system accordingly. If you have already integrated the CAM solution, our regular training courses allow you to refresh your know-how and keep up to date with the latest developments.

All advantages at a glance

When programming their CNC machines, many companies still rely on workshop-oriented machine programming to create the NC code. The use of modern CAM software already offers a number of advantages in work preparation compared to the classic input screen on the control.

Anyone who has ever tried to program a machine on a small display in a noisy workshop environment will appreciate computer-aided manufacturing. Fewer mistakes happen in the quiet office on large screens.

Once you have created the NC data on the computer, you can carry out a simulation before practical use to rule out collisions. This results in improved adherence to delivery dates and delivery capability, as well as reduced downtimes.

You also save time by reducing set-up and run-in times, as much less "trial and error" is required on site. You can also create a list of the required tools in advance.

The fact that a consistent software interface is used for every CNC machine the operation remains the same. In this way, the CAM program ensures better reproducibility and standardization of the machining processes. In addition, proven techniques (tools, cutting and experience values) can be stored in the system so that they are available to all users.

This accumulation of know-how also results in more effective utilization employee potential - employee productivity is increased and the shortage of skilled workers is counteracted

Services at a glance

SurfCAM offers a wide range of innovative functions for your production. You can get a complete overview of the CAM system's range of services here:

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