First-level support

Immediate help from first-level support for maximum application performance

In order to use our first-level support, the customer must be the owner of a software system from our portfolio and this must be listed in the service contract (SPV).

Application of first-level support

First-level support is provided if internal problems occur when operating the CAM software or the post-processor, which are covered by the service contract. This includes support for questions, queries or difficulties in connection with the SurfCam, EdgeCam, Radan and post-processor products.

Product reference of the service

First-level support is related to

First-level support is associated with SurfCam, EdgeCam, Radan and the post-processors. In addition, this service is only offered to customers who are listed in the service contract. The provision of first-level support also requires that the employee concerned has been trained by us beforehand.

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