Complete solution for sheet metal processing

With a unique combination of applications for punching, profiling, bending, design and production management, Radan offers a comprehensive solution for sheet metal processing. This solution extends from data flow automation to design, work preparation and production.

We ask you to pay particular attention to the following advantages for your company:

Radan offers innovative CAD/CAM solutions for the production of sheet metal parts. For automation, the Radan MRP (Manufacturing Resource Planning) system can be extended to connect to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and warehouse management systems. We attach great importance to a holistic concept in which your company receives advice, sales, training and technical support from a single source

CAM software - areas of application

The Radan software, as an integrated CAD/CAM solution for sheet metal processing, is used in various industries that have to do with the processing of sheet metal parts. Here are some areas of application for Radan:

Efficient workflows

Radan's integrated CAD/CAM solution optimizes the entire process from design to production. The automation of the data flow enables a seamless transfer of design data to work preparation and finally to NC programming.

Precise NC programming

Radan enables precise NC programming for sheet metal processing machines. By precisely controlling the machine parameters, companies can produce high-precision parts.

Versatile NC programming:

The Radan software offers flexibility to respond to individual company requirements. Its adaptability makes it possible to take specific production requirements and processes into account.

Our service

We offer a comprehensive service to ensure smooth integration. Our experts ensure that Radan is fully implemented and that you can realize the benefits of the sheet metal processing solution accordingly. If you have already integrated Radan, our regular training courses allow you to refresh your know-how and keep up to date with the latest developments.

All advantages at a glance

Radan is a complete solution for sheet metal processing in which various applications are linked together.

The seamless integration of design and manufacturing processes in Radan enables a smooth flow of information.

Radan emphasizes user-friendliness and our efficient training courses enable employees to quickly become familiar with the software and increase their productivity.

Radan supports NC programming for various types of sheet metal processing machines, including laser and waterjet cutters as well as punching and press brakes. This enables companies to integrate a variety of machines into their manufacturing process.

The function for creating nesting plans in Radan enables optimum use of sheet metal material. By intelligently arranging parts on a sheet, offcuts and material waste can be reduced. This not only contributes to cost savings, but also to a more environmentally friendly use of resources.

Services at a glance

Radan includes comprehensive applications for sheet metal processing. You can get a complete overview of the range of services offered by the complete solution here:

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